Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Chapter 7 Part III

How broad is the effect of the media on public opinion?  Is there merit to the "minimal effect hypothesis" or can the media employ strategies to effectively influence what Americans think about?

How does the media's agenda setting shape the public's perception of issues?  In other words, why might the focus of the economic crisis of 2008 have impacted the views of George H.W. Bush and John McCain during that election season?

How do policy entrepreneurs invest "political capital" on an issue?  What are their "weapons" and which ones have the most profound impact?

How does the media act as a "watchdog" over the government?  Does this limit or expand politicians' abilities to effectively enact policy?

Why is television seen as a tool to further individualism in American politics?  How does this shape the ways in which certain politicians receive attention in the media?

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